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The Opa Logo Experience

Why should you Opa Logo Opa?

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Whether it’s the fresh, delicious food or the smiling staff member who remembers your name, there are lots of reasons to love OPA!. We talked to customers, franchisees and staff about just what makes dining and working here so great. See what people had to say!

The Story of Opa Logo

Opa Logo

Simply fresh, simply delicious Mediterranean cuisine. That's OPA! — Canada's favourite Greek restaurant.

When we opened our first location in 1998, OPA! set out to be a different sort of quick-service restaurant, one that combined delicious, wholesome Mediterranean cuisine with outstanding customer service. Nearly twenty years later, our mission remains the same.

OPA! started with a single food court location in Calgary’s Market Mall, where we served classic Greek dishes made using high-quality ingredients. The name, a Greek word used to express happiness, evokes the joy and celebration of feasting with family and friends.

Today, OPA! is one of the most highly recognized and widely loved restaurant brands in Canada, with over 90 locations across the country. As we continue to grow, OPA! franchisees deliver on our original promise of great Greek food—and an exceptional experience for our customers.

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We love to serve great food to great people

Great food, great people. Just like the delicious dishes we serve, the recipe for OPA! restaurants is simple. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular customer, we treat you as if you’re a visitor in our own home — with a welcoming smile and the promise of a great meal. Consistency and quality, that’s the OPA! pledge.

Opa Serves only the Freshest

Good IngredientsJust taste better

Greek cuisine is all about fresh, authentic dishes prepared with simple ingredients. It’s a cooking tradition dating back over two-thousand years, and it’s one we take very seriously. OPA! stays true to the essence of Mediterranean-style cooking by using only quality, real ingredients without artificial flavours or fillers. Because tradition is important—and fresh just tastes better.

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Quality Vegetables

Fresh vegetables aren’t typically part of quick service meals. But then OPA! isn’t your typical quick service restaurant. We don’t believe that food served quickly has to lack quality or nutritive value. That’s why crisp, healthy veggies are an important part of every OPA! meal. Whatever you order, we make sure it includes quality produce that tastes every bit as good as it looks.

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Choice Meats

Ask any food lover, a meal without protein is no meal at all. Our commitment to good ingredients extends to the chicken, lamb, pork, beef and shrimp dishes our customers love. From grilled and marinated souvlaki to our authentic slow-roasted gyro, we serve only the good stuff. Are you more of a herbivore? Well, then our falafel has your protein needs covered.

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Freshly Grilled Pitas

If you want crazy-delicious, traditional Greek-style pita bread, you have two options: buy a plane ticket to Greece or come to the nearest OPA! location, where it comes fresh off the grill with every meal. We prepare our pita the classic Greek way—soft and chewy, sprinkled with Greek oregano and drizzled with olive oil—to create the perfect bread for wrapping or dipping.