Pita wraps

Tender souvlaki or gyro wrapped in a warm pita, drizzled in our famous OPA! tzatziki and topped with your choice of onions, tomatoes, lettuce, fresh jalapeno peppers and feta cheese.

Serving Size 241g
Calories 480
Fat (g) 16.5
Sat. Fat (g) 2.5
Protein (g) 17
Carb (g) 73
Fibre (g) 8
Sodium (mg) 850
Iron (%RDI) 42
Vit A (%RDI) 20

Feta Cheese

pasteurized cow’s milk, milk protein concentrate, bacterial culture, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme, salt, kept in brine (water, salt, lactic acid)

Tzatziki Sauce

sour cream (modified milk ingredients, modified corn starch, sodium phosphate, guar gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum, bacterial cultures), yogurt (milk ingredients, modified tapioca and corn starch, pectin, bacterial culture), cucumber, salt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice (water, concentrated lemon juice, sulphites, lemon oil), garlic, sugar, jalapeno peppers (jalapeno peppers, vinegar, water, salt, calcium chloride), hydrolized corn protein (salt, sunflower oil), onion powder, celery salt.

White Pita

water, wheat flour, benzoyl peroxide, niacin, reduced iron, ascorbic acid, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, amylase, folic acid, liquid canola oil, modified palm oil and palm kernel oil, sugar, yeast, salt; finished with canola oil, spices


Chickpeas, water, canola/sunflower oil, chickpea flour, potato flakes (potatoes, mono & diglycerides, sodium acid pyrophosphate, citric acid), baking powder, salt, garlic, onion powder, dextrose, dextrin chicory root (Inulin), powdered cellulose, spices.

Greek Lemon Seasoning

water, lemon juice, citric acid, lemon flavor, sodium benzoate

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