The healthy alternative

We can suit your schools "Hot Lunch" special needs, on a one-off, daily, weekly or monthly basis and build a program that works for you. Your students will now be able to enjoy a healthy hot meal (at a very reasonable cost) without the hassle of leaving the school grounds, while also allowing students to try our more popular Greek menu items and create a unique eating experience!

Tasty nutritious lunch options

We work hard to ensure the process is stress-free. We can package, separate and label the meals based on classroom, type or your specific requests. All the way from order to delivery, we’ll make the process quick and easy.

Meals include chicken skewer with tzatziki (1/2 size or full), rice pilaf, pita bread. Inquire about vegetarian options.

Other benefits


• OPA! is striving to preserve our natural resources with recyclable & biodegradable ECO-friendly packaging

• OPA! Volunteers/Staff offers a stress-free ordering system and will deliver meals to the designated school location

• Transport packaging will be clearly labeled by type of entree or by classroom name/number as per your preference

• OPA! offers Healthier meal choices and we can attach nutritional information for parents & teachers assurance

• Vegetarian options are available

• In our day to day operations, we take our customers food allergy sensitivities seriously. Any potential allergies should be discussed with the OPA! representative.


Ready To Order?

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