Our shiny, new and even more delicious OPA! website.

We’re always looking for ways to deliver a better experience at OPA!, whether it’s in our restaurants or online. That’s why we redesigned our site with better navigation, new food pics, a simpler menu, and more features you’ll actually find useful.

Say bye-bye to boring

Our new site starts with a totally new design – including food photography that’ll make you want to take a fork to your screen. Everything about our new site and mobile experience is clean, fresh, and bold.

Navigation that won’t require a compass.

Getting lost should only be for road trips. Our new navigation allows you to find the important stuff quick like our full menu and location finder.

Location, location, geolocation.

When you’re craving Greek, simply bring up our site and geolocation will direct you to the nearest OPA! location.

Get to know your meal.

Learn everything about our delicious dishes including nutrition, ingredients, and allergy info.

Be a nutrition hero.

With our new nutrition builder, you can calculate the calories and everything else in your meal without having to get out your calculator.

Order your OPA! online

Skip the line. Build your own fully customized OPA! order from wherever you are and then pick it up in-store. Currently in test phase.


The OPA! App is getting a newsworthy update. That's why we're taking a couple days to make some tweaks and relaunch better than ever. Get ready for a new layout, new features and amazing rewards!