We started with a souvlaki skewer and a dream

OPA! is a Greek word used to express happiness, and evokes the joy and celebration of feasting with family and friends. Since we opened our first location over 20 years ago, everything we’ve done has been driven by the philosophy of OPA!

The OPA! experience combines fresh Mediterranean cuisine with the friendly customer service we've become known for. We’re a quick-service Greek restaurant, but that just refers to the time it takes to serve our lovingly-made dishes. From the first bite, you’ll want to slow down and enjoy the moment with friends and family. We don’t just want you to love your meal; we want to have made a positive difference in your day. 

Deliciousness 3,000 years in the making

The philosophy of Greek cuisine has always been about fresh, authentic dishes prepared with simple ingredients. We stay true to that using real, quality ingredients without artificial flavours or filler.

Quality Vegetables

Crisp, healthy veggies are an important part of every OPA! meal. We only serve quality produce that tastes every bit as good as it looks

Choice Meats

From grilled and marinated souvlaki to our authentic slow-roasted gyro, we serve only the good stuff

Freshly Grilled Pitas

We prepare our pita the classic Greek way—soft and chewy, sprinkled with Greek oregano and drizzled with olive oil


The OPA! App is getting a newsworthy update. That's why we're taking a couple days to make some tweaks and relaunch better than ever. Get ready for a new layout, new features and amazing rewards!